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The self channel Home Furnishing stores recalcitrant enterprises to gradually get rid of dependence on the store floor
Release date£º 2014-12-6 ¡¡Browse number£º 719
The self channel recalcitrant Home Furnishing stores
To self-sustaining property against red star, unexpectedly rental markets, reflects the is home building materials business of the biggest dissatisfaction home store mode. "We joined the company is also listening to the views of many dealers, distributors of the existing large store rental model is too large, or is frequently up the rent, or do not allow each other to be forced to withdraw from the store, the industry needs a healthy channel." Some flooring companies said.
Such a channel model to increase the circulation costs of household production enterprises, on the one hand, the high price of the consumer, on the other hand, squeeze home building materials business sales profit. And let the brand is more depressed, the strong position of the big stores to make their interests uncomfortable, and even difficult to ensure a stable business premises." Jia Feng said.
Flooring companies need to improve their own channel construction
Red Star Macalline Beijing area a marketing director believes that "they essentially is in commercial real estate, but compared with us, they in the location, to the shop management capabilities, such as the commercial real estate control ability, there is still a certain gap. Now the overall home building materials market in a period of adjustment, this time on a large scale layout of the third and fourth tier cities can not bring sales is also a problem, and settled merchants may not willing to all of a sudden out so much money to buy the property is also a problem. If you can not attract enough business to be settled, then this kind of sales platform even if the circle is not meaningful."
Flooring industry now also need to channel breakout, in the market pricing for more words. But the key is not enough focus on the current development status of the flooring industry, brand scattered layout but also hinder the formation of pushing force. So flooring enterprises also need to have a clear understanding of channel construction, to catch the in home shopping without completely strangling home building materials business throat before distribution channels, and gradually get rid of complete dependence on the home shopping channel.


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