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Flooring business Christmas sale price Rangli more intuitive sounding the war
Release date£º 2015-11-8 ¡¡Browse number£º 759
Compared to previous years, this year''s new year''s Day sales have what bright spot, with this question, visited the domestic and international well-known brands of specialty stores, building materials market, and so on.
The price of none more intuitive
Price temptation is the most common and most effective means of promotion in the market. The touted form: buy a send a gift, send, buy the full discount, cash coupons, group purchase etc.. In stores around the world, found in the original form of reservation based on innovation. According to the feedback from the floor shop clerk, compared to give cash vouchers, to ensure consistency of product quality under the premise of direct price, more consumers Pro gaze, during the event to come to the consultation, to buy an endless stream, sales volume is a ladder of growth.
Product quality assurance
Compared to the price, the quality of the product is one of the focus of consumers more attention. Rather than spend thousands to buy a bunch of blocks without use of the floor, more and more people will choose to spend more money to buy the floor. The promotion craze, the business in addition to the price of the article, the product quality is also given a commitment to consumers expressed sincerity.
With increasingly fierce competition in the market, seize the festive holiday, do a good job in the promotion of the products is the focus of the work of the major flooring business. Under such a background, who benefit greatly, good quality, service full, bright, who is likely to attract the attention of consumers, for leading the market direction.


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