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The floor enterprises in the high-end market design and technology for racing together bridle to bridle
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Home shopping play design
With the improvement of people''s living standards and the improvement of the quality of life, consumers buy furniture also want to have more choices and better shopping experience. Over the past year, some home shopping malls to test the water in the high-end field, it is very popular with consumers.
Red Star Macalline innovation to create the first original home Museum, in an unprecedented move, let home designers walked into the store to open a studio services for consumers; actually open top design center will store rooftop transformation into design talent, to create a fashion, the atmosphere of the territory; suburban sincere also announced 5 million square meters of capital largest international furniture museum will be built, and the new bilingual sales, VIP advisory service to seize the high-end market.
Floor enterprise research and development technology
With the rise of 80, 90, after the consumer groups, the arrival of the age of the geek, the technology content of products will be deep into more and more families, the floor of the high-tech research and development is the trend of the times, perhaps into the future, the floor is not only the floor, can also be through wireless control variable for furniture or room in which the walls or floors can meet the whole room power supply, heat supply, a control system of all electric appliances, furniture and so on. Of course, this is only speculation, but the development of science and technology make life with each passing day, everything is possible.
High end is not everyone can afford, because the need for funding and market trust. But China''s home industry and the future of the flooring business needs to be high-end, because this is the only way to integrate with the world''s home world.


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