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Floor enterprises are facing the plight of "three high three low"
Release date£º 2015-11-8 ¡¡Browse number£º 679
Increase product added value
In the total amount of single volume, there is no such rapid progress, certainly in the increase in the market to think of ways. After the increase in the demand for environmental protection, this part of the market is very broad. The entire floor market is the first volume growth, and then the quality of growth, and finally led the entire industry profit growth. This is one of China''s path from power to power change.
Next to strong, from the various micro data, including product quality, added value, cash flow, etc.. Factories, suppliers should not be a price war, the price should be sold more expensive wood to manufacturers, manufacturers to produce better products to consumers, the price through internal control and improve the value of China''s. With the intensity of the control, it will be strong.
Technology to introduce new
Back to the macro, regardless of their own feelings, or see the data, China to power, the first is the product performance and quality to accelerate the low to foreign suppliers, products. The pace of localization is accelerated, and it is also the symbol of China''s power to power. Second in the pace of localization, to close technology, even standing on the basis of the technology to jump higher, not afraid of being copied. Must be new, further development.
China from the floor to the power of the road still need a process, in the process of all flooring industry practitioners need to work together to create.


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