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Floor trade barriers to suppress export enterprises
Release date£º 2015-11-8 ¡¡Browse number£º 622
Trade barriers continue to suppress
Floor profit every year in the fall, the profit decline is largely due to the vicious price war. Therefore, enterprises can only use inferior materials to ease the cost pressures.
To sacrifice quality for price advantage is now the true portrayal of the domestic flooring industry. In order to reduce costs, to seize the market, many companies use scrap as the material, produced by the floor not only of poor quality is not environmental protection, this approach to domestic flooring business to win in the market but also the loss of reputation.
Some domestic enterprises in OEM production, independent research and development ability is weak. But there is no denying the fact that domestic entrepreneurs are still valued for this industry, the total investment over the past two years more than in Europe and america. And more and more people began to focus on independent research and development, in some aspects of technology, domestic enterprises and even more than the European and American enterprises. This allows the European and American countries can only raise standards to limit the export of our products, so as to protect its domestic industry development.
U.S. technical barriers and will not be the only one in the world, the domestic flooring companies should be alert to the international trade friction risk. With the rapid growth of floor exports, the international market is becoming saturated, it is bound to take anti-dumping, anti subsidy and other trade sanctions, enterprises should strengthen the core technology, carefully study the relevant laws, regulations and standards, and actively explore the emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, reduce dependence on Europe and the United states.
Market forced enterprise technology upgrade
At this stage, the flooring business is a risk and opportunity coexist: a number of products are not up to standard of the enterprise will be blocked out of the door, and gradually be eliminated by the market; and those who are high quality of the enterprise will be better.
And the country from last year successively promulgated a series of policies, beware of flooring industry overcapacity, which is also relevant departments in consciousness to the presence of chaos in the industry after adjustment. Demanding technical standards will be no quality assurance and the value of the bottom line of business, which can appear quality products.
To improve the standard, export restrictions does not mean demand quantity. In fact, these years both domestic and international markets, the demand for flooring products are growing at 20%~30%. The new technical barriers, will be part of the price to win the low quality products at the door, clean up the market, but also for the high quality products to seize the opportunity to seize the market.


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