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There is a huge arbitrage opportunity in the fiber board and plywood
Release date£º 2015-11-9 ¡¡Browse number£º 2886
From the big business on the two plate delivery standards:
Quotes from futures Daily: delivery standard quality standard design is one of the core contents of the contract design and related to the market''s operation safety and function play. Fiber board and plywood futures delivery benchmark standards for the quality of the product design, the thickness and formaldehyde release quantity as an important indicator, is designed, including the appearance quality, format size, density and bias, moisture content, physical and mechanical properties and formaldehyde release index system, in order to effectively meet the relevant industrial policies and auxiliary of our country fiber board and plywood industry upgrade.
The thickness is the main index of the fiber board and plywood. The thickness of the furniture type of 15mm, the thickness of the furniture type of fiber board, the board (length and width: 2.44m x 1.22m) is determined as delivery standards, in order to thickness of 18mm furniture type of medium density fiber board and small board (length width: 2.44m x 1.22m) as delivery alternatives. , the main purpose is to select the 18mm board as the alternative delivery is to expand the volume of delivery, to prevent delivery risk. Taking into account the cost of raw materials are different, with reference to the spread of the major production areas in China with different thickness fiber board and joinery board, big business will be 18mm MDF and joinery board are respectively provided with a 6 yuan / Zhang, 15 yuan / Zhang liters of water.
The formaldehyde release limited level is also an important indicator to distinguish the product grade and the impact of product price. China''s wood-based panel industry on formaldehyde to release a specified amount of mandatory standards GB18580, fiberboard formaldehyde release quantity index for E1 (less than or equal to 9mg / 100g), the index of the medium density fiberboard national standard GB/T11718 requirements more stringent, E1 (less than or equal to 8mg/100g) in the E2 and (less than or equal to 30mg / 100g), joinery board the desiccator method of formaldehyde release quantity index for E1 (less than or equal to 1.5 mg / L) and E2 (less than or equal to 5 mg / L). Due to the low price of E2 board, the demand for E2 board in the spot market is still relatively large, especially in the rural market, which is mainly based on E2 board. But in view of the E1 level standards and international standards, reflect the future trend of industry development, the big business set the "two plate" E1 level for the release of the standard formaldehyde limited level. Considering the amount available for delivery and other factors, "two plate" allows E2 to participate in the delivery, but are set to a premium of 30 yuan / zhang.
In addition, the "two plate" futures are required to meet the requirements of the national standard, such as the emergence of a layered, bubbling, carbonation and partial soft and other defects, the size of the deviation in the national standard, etc..
According to the January 22nd Haining two board simulation delivery to understand, the so-called E1 on the market to meet the standard of the fiber board pulled to the scene detection is not delivery requirements. Can be reached futures delivery 15mm E1 class fiber board plus value-added tax at least 93.6 yuan / Zhang, and big business fibers in 1405 contract price March 7 day closing price was 6.33 yuan, 30 yuan high premium. Even if the price of 65 yuan to buy in May delivery to the spot market in to 85 yuan to the dealer profit is also quite rich.
The requirements of the plywood more demanding, more stringent testing standards. From January 22nd Haining delivery simulation that, according to the DCE plywood futures standard delivery requirements registered warehouse receipts plywood in the market almost impossible to find, the light detecting surface plate core thickness ratio is less than 3.5 of the baffled manufacturers, the market basically can not find a generous ratio of 3.5 of the plywood manufacturers, said 200 yuan can not be produced, must be customized; there is a standard delivery must be within 60 days out of the production of plywood is consistent with the effective delivery, in order to prevent early delivery and increase production quantity; re strict, DCE delivery made as long as there is a re cases through, can be cancelled the detection mechanism of cooperation. So to complete the exchange and registered warehouse receipts into plywood is very difficult, but the price is very high. So it is difficult to get the seller to get the delivery, even if the price is very high.


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