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2013 farewell type: the floor industry event inventory
Release date£º 2015-11-9 ¡¡Browse number£º 1870
2013 for the flooring industry can be said to be in the big Tao waves to accept baptism, in the industry maturity under the state of development and the major flooring companies are also inclined do their part to improve its. Overall, in 2013 the flooring industry is in the wind and rain to advance, not only gain experience also strong.
Intensified in the brand differentiation, survival pressure increasing, this specifically inventory 2013 affects the floor industry nine news event, to comb through the annual development dynamic, bearing in mind the industry ahead of the trajectory.
The International Convention on the legality of the timber price of raw materials
The third floor conference held in China in March, which led to the scarcity of raw materials caused by the scarcity of raw materials, "the ups and downs" of wide concern. The endangered wild animals and plant species of the Convention on international trade in (CITES) April released a new 246 for regulating wood species, wood source of legitimacy review more stringent, reportedly in the industry caused some sources of illegal trade in wood and its products has been halted, punishment is the case.
Mahogany first highlights the price of the city, the situation, the shortage of wood will spread, many domestic flooring companies also North America, South America, Africa and other places to seek timber resources. Raw material prices, increased production costs, the domestic solid wood floor price has become a foregone conclusion.
The first "China Flooring Industry Research Report" released
"China Flooring Industry Research Report" published in Shanghai in March, as China''s flooring industry''s first reflection of the comprehensive research report, which covers the Chinese flooring industry characteristics, consumer characteristics, market conditions, quality and standardization, etc..
Followed, published in Zhejiang Province first strengthen the wooden floor medical report, in August, 11 Chinese forest products industry leading enterprises publish social responsibility reports. September, north, on, and so on 28 provinces and cities on the basis of the national standard to carry out the comparison of the performance of the floor and board of environmental protection, and published the "floor and board environmental protection performance test report".
Industry development and product comparison of the introduction of the report to support the development of the industry to provide macroeconomic data, on the other hand, to provide data and information for the consumer''s rational choice.
Chinese enterprises to win the United States and China plywood double reverse survey
Flooring industry never seems to bypass the "double reverse, initiated by the United States and China produced multilayer wood floor double reverse survey lingering sound, 2013 Kai Chunmei on the plywood I and officially launched" double reverse survey.
On April 30, finds that China exports to the United States hardwood and decorative plywood exist dumping behavior because the. U. S. Department of Commerce intends to 101 such products of Chinese enterprises to levy 22.14% of anti-dumping duties; after responding to ongoing efforts, in November, the United States International Trade Commission announced that, from China''s imports of hardwood and decorative plywood did not cause substantial damage or threat related industries in the United States, rejected the U. S. Department of Commerce of the above products levy anti-dumping and countervailing duties.
In the United States to launch a double reverse survey of plywood, Turkey, Columbia, India, Argentina and other countries have to take a survey of wooden products, limiting measures, how to make forest products in the face of trade barriers to enhance the ability to focus on the risk of resistance.
Floor with the Shenzhou ten first "flying"
June 11, the shenzhou number ten boarded space, 14 astronauts to Tiangong-1 for on orbit maintenance and original laying soft ground material removal and replacement of new decorative floor.
What kind of floor can be suitable for space weight loss and other complex environment, the industry believes that the current level of technology, it is possible to use the micro carbonization process, that is, through the microwave and infrared and other physical technology to dry and anaerobic treatment, and in the absence of oxygen in the case of 470 degrees C.
Aerospace technology development and breakthroughs, often can drive the upgrading of civil technology, material technology leap, Shenzhou ten to the sky one to replace the new floor is the recognition of the domestic flooring industry technology, new breakthroughs will bring China''s flooring industry a new round of technological revolution.
Wooden floor enterprises or will adopt the "hierarchy"
China wood and wood products Circulation Association of wood flooring professional committee in July, said the "wood floor enterprise grade division standard," the first draft is expected to be implemented next year. Specifications applicable to the wood containing bamboo flooring enterprises, the standard will be divided into one or two grades of wood floors, three, 4 grades, the highest grade.
Move by the pointer to the floor enterprises has good and bad situation, the industry think floor enterprise classification standard issued or will provide reference to the purchase of the adjustment of industrial structure, consumer brand wood floors, but also will trigger a new frenzy of certification.


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