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Fiber board plywood morning: last month prices continue to go high
Release date£º 2015-11-9 ¡¡Browse number£º 2107
Fiber board, plywood contract:
Fiber board and plywood yesterday''s intraday touch harden, have hit the last stage of the high, display price with delivery month gradually approaching return to the spot market, fiberboard 1404 and 05 contract price reached 11.09 yuan / Zhang, plywood 1404 and 1405 contract difference between 5.25 yuan / Zhang, date warehouse after hours is still zero, according to published by the exchange spot prices show Shandong and Hebei spot prices have been showing premium late pay close attention to the warehouse.
Log (fish beads wood market): Day rose 5.83 points, or 4.29%. The recent devaluation of the renminbi is expected as well as the import and export data in February is not good, the confidence of investors suffered a certain blow, the market trend of uncertainty is still troubled investors. But with the continuous development of the furniture fair, the market or will shift to a bright, will gradually dilute the market worries atmosphere.
Artificial board (fish beads wood market): the board of representatives of the board of the ups and downs of the ups and downs, the rise of the representative of the product is not much. Fell on behalf of the index is a medium - to - plate, concrete template with plywood and finger plate.
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